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STEAM_0:0:10024632   Eggo   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1003596 [420] [420]911   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:10036861 empire empire | Rizik Rizik Yes   ED [BANNED!] black-listed for cheating 18/02/2006
STEAM_0:0:10058216   Rawwwr`   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10064009 |EV| Amriel   No   ED; CAL   08/10/2006
STEAM_0:0:10064009 |EV| Voda   No   ED; CAL   08/10/2006
STEAM_0:0:10065075   FuckMe...ImFamous   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10068090   Heineken   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10068566   =H?rdc??=.#Pr0_   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10086036   ???O?A?enaline?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10089476   ???D?Graw   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1009830   Bravo   No       07/08/2005
STEAM_0:0:10102749   [C]4RTm4n   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1010517   pr0eVolutions0cceR4 J, pr0eVolutions0cceR4, pr0eVolutions0cceR4^, pr0eVolutions0cc3rIV, pr0eVolutions0cc3rIVw No     30/10/2004
STEAM_0:0:10111356   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10114023 DS DS Saucey   No   ED   05/04/2008
STEAM_0:0:10126783   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10131140 Team-Fate Team-Fate RobZ!   No   ED   05/04/2008
STEAM_0:0:10135085   :.:EgC:.:PimP[LDR]   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10140978   KILLA   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10178910   blutgizte   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:101833 [MKK] [MKK]Slipper from KOREA, Slipper, big skip! No   detected having: keymon.dll (spyware file?) 09/10/2004
STEAM_0:0:10186362   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1021652 -|tA|- -|tA|-VASH   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:1023959   Denise_Ayverdi   No     05/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:10255503   hardcore/=)   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10263434   G.D.G | Kay-One   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10274807   Boomer{KumarTEAM}   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1028150 [SF] [SF]-loel- -leol- No   location: Slovak Republic (SK) 12/09/2004
STEAM_0:0:102821   Lil Razor d, How 2 shoot?!, lowskill0r, Resa No     14/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:10286111   -=ES=-Ep1c   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1029087 [pmers] [pmers]MasS MasS No HLCCL; CLANBASE   30/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:10311839 Te4m-Qs Te4m-Qs Riley   No       05/04/2008
STEAM_0:0:10321006 DS DS hYpe   No   ED   05/04/2008
STEAM_0:0:10324629 ioxx ioxx - Apoc   No   ED   15/04/2008
STEAM_0:0:1034053 tocuk tocuk | AndyT   No ED   29/05/2005
STEAM_0:0:10345093   etu   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10358722 fivesHigh` fivesHigh` rohaNN   No   ED   15/04/2008
STEAM_0:0:10375200   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:103811   Spuug   No     24/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:10382660   ?????????????--   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10393721   K?WISS   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10401918   Dreiradraudi   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1043420   bla need_clan, you No     13/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:10442201 VCE K1N   Yes   ESL; SGL 26/03/2010
STEAM_0:0:10449297 DS DS Wilson RefleX Yes   ED PLWH Final cheat 12/04/2008
STEAM_0:0:10492226   ?SksPz??p?????   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10499164   Freddy   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10504099 NA. NA. kitteh   No   ED   16/3/2006
STEAM_0:0:105113   StN   No     01/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:10519083   Pokacz   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10523112   fatboy   No     03/01/2007
STEAM_0:0:1052650 4TW 4TW.Dark   No   ED   24/10/2005
STEAM_0:0:10536816   Whiteblizzard   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10538103   www.obivankenobi2005   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1055512   grim32 (3)Shephard No     08/08/2004
STEAM_0:0:1056797   -=SOTRT=- Trigger   No        
STEAM_0:0:10569262   ??.p.I.k.E.?.T??t?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10577341   Aw0L   No       30.04.2011
STEAM_0:0:10582602   ClAn[wels]>.::PMaster91::.<   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1060785 e-bully e-bully > Bizatch   No     25/10/2004
STEAM_0:0:10630606   ZehTottyJ.???*   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10633790   -Wr?ked.   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:106378 // Chorlton   No   ED   14/06/2005
STEAM_0:0:10639008   RUnkaR   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:106653 pdk pdk|Reapz Tito Ortiz, SUCKER, C o l d H a n d s, risq, Tito Ortiz No HLCCL; CLANBASE   14/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:10669733   Abrakadabra   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10674515   ??????N   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10684876   aKlGh   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10685116   BillysWorld!   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10696023   psychoaberg   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10719662 Team369 Skinex   No       29.04.2011
STEAM_0:0:10725759   ?v??   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10731504   *$|Crazy|???|$*   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10763283   s_l__a___7____e.   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1076989   asfd RoX- No     30/10/2004
STEAM_0:0:10777744   t1D.?D|?????|D?.   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10813631   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10859150   Gr1/v\   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10868501   Rapture.Dominator   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10870414   -BurKharT   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:10881115   -TC-`SO?O   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10895119   Mercenario   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10902082   [MKA][GP]pOwder/Apfelringe   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1090513 [dPc] [dPc]-SerB Mr. ? No   HLCCL; POT; CLANBASE   14/06/2005
STEAM_0:0:10909004   Sofiane   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10928461   Panos   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:10949097 immortal immortal SyK   No   CAL; ED   17/3/2008
STEAM_0:0:1096038   LEET   No     10/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:10961443 [MHR] [MHR].SMOKEY   No       31/12/09
STEAM_0:0:10970636 arc Meexis   No       08/10/2006
STEAM_0:0:10977239 [myg0t] [myg0t]Mush   Yes     [BANNED!] for cheating - Speedhack 19/07/2011
STEAM_0:0:10982020   Tom   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1099200   Mister X   Yes     [BANNED!] black-listed for: opengl32.dll 25/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:11000929   timkop   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1101157 [DADS] [DADS]T|2IPL3_6   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:11016862   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11017062 Frags-4u G1bby G1bby No   ED; SGL   06/04/08
STEAM_0:0:11042612   *CauraudzitS*   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11044444 c6/ c6/Rain' Rain' No   CAL; ED   09/03/08
STEAM_0:0:11055252   J?ale   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11064107   John_Kerouac   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11065471   Warhawk   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1110630 YeGods YeGods | maL^   No ED   15/05/2005
STEAM_0:0:11110352   Sn@Ke(pl)   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:111106   W00kiee   No       22/01/2005
STEAM_0:0:1112765   jiveturkey KonKussion, (1)Player No     21/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:11131040   Hybrid   No       30.04.2011
STEAM_0:0:11131040 iFRAG iFRAG | Hybrid Hybrid No   ED   04/04/08
STEAM_0:0:1113357 [SC] [SC]aRLa aRLa, BurMan, aj mitt finger!, cowerpower, dont let me spawn, Im Just a Spawnkill, i want to spawn No     25/10/2004
STEAM_0:0:11149252   Blick   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11163039   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11172276   fourakbucks   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11189667   [TEA]?ok   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11206732   ??|?|??pe4ce@mp3   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:112083   BOOMSTICK   No       30.04.2011
STEAM_0:0:11217144   Ex_Devils   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11237164 -|MOD|- Reflex ash El nino No       30.04.2011
STEAM_0:0:11238328   |C?|?y?h   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11244676   Molotow   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11266780 Infxs Infxs Muz   No   ED   21/3/2008
STEAM_0:0:11267024   custer   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11272454   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11284251 Mint.7s Mint.7s Rasputin   No   CAL; ED   16/3/2008
STEAM_0:0:11285582   Scum!   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:112894 Catch22` Catch22`StaB StaB No   ED   26/02/2005
STEAM_0:0:11301696   -=LoGo=-   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11325066   StrayTactic   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11330990   [?a??Ca??DK]HaRdCoReNoOb   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11345370   c0sMo@uLoW   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11346580   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11348792   Hanz   Yes     [BANNED!] blacklisted for cheating - Aimbot + speedhack 15/08/2007
STEAM_0:0:1135274   jackybof   No     12/09/2004
STEAM_0:0:11354502   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11363033   -=aLiEn=-   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11376532   <3   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11380289   ??`=0`??   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1138132 Suckaholic frantiK1H Kevin Gatun Yes, CAL [BANNED!] blacklisted cheating in CAL 17/12/2006
STEAM_0:0:11384930   Hyper.G#? ??L????   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11394230   Dementor   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1141209 pdk pdk|ectomorph   No     24/10/2004
STEAM_0:0:11413566   LTTB|-[herbsy]recruiting   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11415680   [GU]Puppy   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1142973 {eVo} {eVo} Obli√ioŋ   No   ED   14/06/2005
STEAM_0:0:11448757   bubbleboy345   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11450647   ClanSuche!   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11460730   RoyaL^GuD   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11465729   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11482577   "Lal,"   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11487336   sakruuu[o_o]   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11516924 SV. SV. Kully khalsa   No   ED   16/3/2008
STEAM_0:0:11522094 -|MOD|- -|MOD|-PKj -|L-PKj, PKj No   CAL; ED; ESL   31/12/09
STEAM_0:0:11527195 Apathy. Projekt   No   ED; SGL   13/02/2010
STEAM_0:0:11567531   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11569293   ?-P?er?v?D?#   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11570682 32Frag miller   No       05/10/2006
STEAM_0:0:1157099   Player   Yes   [BANNED!] black-listed for: opengl32.dll 22/08/2004
STEAM_0:0:11580266   OAP   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11582034 DS DS HuGGy   No   ED   05/04/2008
STEAM_0:0:11588957   -*-KinG*Raz3r-*-   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11590290   Crash.SYS   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11611459   EteRnaL.Css   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1161169 coldrush coldrush :: Roovie gp|Roovie, Roy No HLCCL; CAL; CLANBASE   24/10/2004
STEAM_0:0:11622267   .:{COBR@}:.BoBz   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:116269 [S@W] [S@W]Kampfhering   No       17/08/2005
STEAM_0:0:11629832   LINK   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11662078   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1166697   Will Mallecken   No       14/03/2005
STEAM_0:0:11667566   jeje   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11671143 Mr. Mr.sah shooter sah shooter No   ED   04/04/08
STEAM_0:0:11704080   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11705 #eZe #eZe^S|inkz S|inkz, -|MOD|-S|iNkY-, [M.A.K]S|inkz No   HLCCL; CLANBASE; ED ED Admin, HLCCL Admin 06/11/2005
STEAM_0:0:1170599 [TSG] [TSG]breathing   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:11715409   G45M45K   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11725538   walther99   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1173246   Saviour   No     21/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:117328   ==>100%Dave.uK<== Đåv3.uĶ%, Đåv3.uĶ, Đåvē.uĶ© No     (Very good CS:S Player) 01/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:11736626   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11737154   explo!t>.   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:117403 {eVo} {eVo} MYTHR1L   No ED   19/06/2005
STEAM_0:0:11745446   lord-rol   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11762468   Psychopate   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11781265   DrillerKiller   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11790887   Godamus   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1179599 =ONE= =ONE=Hood   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:1181862   W:::MRS-Pain:::W GRCN(((SgoL))), NICE-JADE, forgiving No   detected having: swix.ocx (Trojan) 30/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:11819209   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11841372 -|MOD|- NEXXUS Cypher   No       30.04.2011
STEAM_0:0:11841 =ONE= [=ONE=]Reflection   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:11843472   Fletc??R   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11862077   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11864181   le roi   No     03/01/2007
STEAM_0:0:1186495   fuhQ!   No     23/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:11883861   S0meWhereIbel0ng   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11897139   headshooot   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11905186   mchexy   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11905220   Borat.   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1190835   darkpanda2000   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11911512   ?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11946481   ///=K?????=\   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:11953964   ?ng?sl??   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:119577   -MaTeW-   No     19/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:11982501   pr0l0g0n00b   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11983507   theRocky   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11986237   {SoLo}--SnIpEr--   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:11996442   -Colombiano`-   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1199937   Superman   Yes   [BANNED!] black-listed for cheating in CAL league 13/04/2005
STEAM_0:0:120012   fu[Z]   No     23/10/2004
STEAM_0:0:12001771   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12001804   -dvb`stefan-   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12004787   gabybo   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:120094 Defs Defs | oziC-   No       17/08/2005
STEAM_0:0:1201301   bO!L.DuCK 3~OmGoOOoD, Om, Do You Know Beudin ?? No     13/05/2005
STEAM_0:0:12030793   -=-DeathFromAbove-=-   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12043700 Mgue Mgue Jokern eyeG | JOKERN No   CAL   15/04/2008
STEAM_0:0:12047211   __.#T??LI??   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12057324   G0LD?NGUN   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12062968   terror   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12088900 Nevermind Nevermind Roger   No   ED   19/3/2008
STEAM_0:0:1209213 [G0dSquad] *BacchuS*[G0dSquad] -BacchuS- No HLCCL; CLANBASE   25/10/2004
STEAM_0:0:12093373   ???l4???<3   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12098243   UnFaithFull-JL   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1210320 fod Maje$tic.fod   No       07/04/2005
STEAM_0:0:121107 cawa a_BIGMAMMA   No       21/09/2006
STEAM_0:0:12114256   @@###   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12119864   kurdish-ahmerdkurd16   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12121253   McLovinBaby??L??T??   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12125065   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12136051   M?el?FIN]   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12141445   John   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12147833   KaiZ#Solostrikers.   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12148140   THIAMAT   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12150154   ??ick?Ness?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1215811 [VDC] [VDC]DirtyDog vdc.dd``` No POT   12/09/2004
STEAM_0:0:12162847   DBA:[-P?oe??x:Lengend   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12165863   ^v3rt1g0   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12166465   \?.o?-?e?Le-   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:121702 Asperity goose   No       29.04.2011
STEAM_0:0:121702 BoooBs Goose   No       28/09/2006
STEAM_0:0:12174226   1Loki1   No     03/01/2007
STEAM_0:0:12201425   bloodrigbill   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12201607   DoW^Mr.Tox@(rus)   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12212256   Dj-Fri???o[Slo]   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12251106   ?ebbe   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12268468   die?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12275457   kkk   No       21/01/2010
STEAM_0:0:1227865 =PC= BeNji|PC HangoveR No   HLCCL; CLANBASE   03/08/2004
STEAM_0:0:12296705   pimp6350   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12299074   ShadX   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12299410   Black_Penis   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:123112 =[EUV]= =[EUV]=Frednitney   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:12321249 epheX easeh   No   CAL   08/10/2006
STEAM_0:0:12324442   ????O?R0O[D]   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12328565   RaZoR(GeR)   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12332040   Night_Stalker   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12335448   ><><><><><   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12347685   passE   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12350098   $$Dues<>ex<>machina>$$   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12366619   Neo   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:123839   stevo lax No     24/10/2004
STEAM_0:0:12391528   GGR.|ThaMaStA   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12392664   Rude   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1239542   -] Son in Law [- [KIA2]Son in Law No HLCCL; CLANBASE   01/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:12402942   Dr.Bunhead   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12403806   yves   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1241424   CenTauR_st0n3D   No     24/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:12419101   L???u??????   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1242093 -=[ .AtS ]=- -=[ .AtS ]=- XWespX   Yes     [BANNED!] black-listed for: speed hack 26/02/2005
STEAM_0:0:12428922   Q-s   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12445534   Armitage Shanks   No     03/01/2007
STEAM_0:0:12468718   AimLEss   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12479891   ARCHER   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:125039 Art Of War Art Of War | The Professor   No     10/06/2005
STEAM_0:0:12507444   Smoke   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:125143 -/RDD/- -/RDD/-Bedwetting Type   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:12524128   [??]|????????   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1252889   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12535224   Chrelle1900   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1255383   Srgt_WTF   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12555939   /???/'?-?-?-?'Any?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12556018   }KILLZONE{   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12565229   dmckinney   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12565656   DINI   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12570600   .???L???   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12582070   -|T2K|-Reality^65^   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12583339   Gremlyn   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12591313   counter zombie   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12596731   5Kings?andRUSH   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12619225   ?[oJ]Hitman[!]#Sexy_Time?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12622935   sirolf   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12630679   Danulo?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12646973   JoY@kitikonti   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12652349   =|Hs?ile|=   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12654099   . #munchieS W'roLL   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1267784 [420] [420]Shockwave   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:12680618   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12695382   L?#|?ea?y4Hea?y|   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12698367   Satan   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12701214   SUPAMAN   No      
STEAM_0:0:12711672   FaTninja   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12717460   dimka-moscow   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12719867   Filipe   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12725108   GuLDGlOcK^   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12726296   [Ek]??corp-project3   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12726925   LaMeR   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1273555 [2HARD4U] [2HARD4U]TiM-   No HLCCL; CLANBASE   01/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:1275842 pdk pdk|Triphanger unnamed No   HLCCL; CLANBASE   14/06/2005
STEAM_0:0:12772080   DDDomer M E R K E D Yes     [BANNED!] blacklisted listed cheating, wallhack 23/12/06
STEAM_0:0:12777462   Kebab   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12792129   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:128094 .ukv C]-[em.ukv   No   ED   29/09/2005
STEAM_0:0:1281189 -|tA|- -|tA|-FlintX   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:12813246   CaMeL   Yes     [BANNED!] black listed cheating 13/11/07
STEAM_0:0:12829683   Sagitarius   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12868916   Uge   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12873610   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12878124   AG)^Rav3n?fly?|knife?|40?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12878472   M.K.D.   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1291450   Dealer_Grinch   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12926622   Sitzbeere   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12954808   ??????M?3???????   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12958145   Dustin   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12961714   ??az.G??CIKLOP?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:12980205   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1299031   Flanner   No     30/10/2004
STEAM_0:0:1299046   Techz   No     14/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:12991655   jOnAsBrYlLe   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:12993372   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1300193   [/Dark]   No     14/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:13020480   -   Yes     [BANNED!] black listed for cheating - Aimbot 09/06/2007
STEAM_0:0:13028409   Freak   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13033864   rey01co   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13049459   .:johnny105:.[knifey]   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13050551   ?t??   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13051646   luCky   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13059219   sharpie   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:130627 Catch22` Catch22`Blitzii Blitzii No   ED   11/02/2006
STEAM_0:0:13064200   YAYA!!!   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13084886 [ES-X] [ES-X]wee.exe wee.exe No   CAL; ED; SGL   15/03/08
STEAM_0:0:1308666   J4M3Z0R$   No     23/10/2004
STEAM_0:0:1308699 [KIA] [KIA]c@m! c@m!, -eSq-*c@m-, pred@t0r, [CWD]c@m! No HLCCL; CLANBASE   30/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:1308844   Fetzi die lustige Tretmine   Yes     [BANNED!] black-listed for: AimBot 30/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:13092 [pmers] [pmers]BulliT   No   HLCCL; CLANBASE (AG mod developer) 03/08/2004
STEAM_0:0:130964 [420] [420]glitch [FP-H].G|iTcH~, isuck, [=ONE=].G|iTcH~, [SSA].G|iTcH~, XfinGer's G|iTcH~ No POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:13100519   Vi(RUS).pro|????????   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13134162   Sacrifice   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13160902   [myg0t]r00t   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13180360   [??as??]   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13183247   floo   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13183735   TROOPPER   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13184729   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13184733   FUCKYOU.exe   Yes     [BANNED!] blacklisted for cheating - noclip 10/07/2007
STEAM_0:0:13184933   -=|GsE|=-MegaMix|T|   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:131970   ka|2ma   Yes   [BANNED!] black-listed for cheating in CAL league 13/04/2005
STEAM_0:0:1319742   sponge   No     27/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:13209694   ][M][Thugster   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1321187 |-f@wo-| |-f@wo-|sExor   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:13219668   [ReS]???????kreten   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13235305   [Sereal]*R4pt0r*[91ess]   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13261042   :дGд:. ŚńıрΞr O_o'   Yes     [BANNED!] blacklisted for speed hack 15/08/2007
STEAM_0:0:13270229   B$C.eXe|?.#?[?]?[?]TT.css   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13279976   Reisilipas   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13296272   Rammstein   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1330014   proto   No     21/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:13300375   ??d?Eye   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1331312 =ONE= [=ONE=]ritalin   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:13357051   [???]???makke??   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1337 Chosen Gaming adreNal!ne Trevor McNabb Yes,, CAL [BANNED!] blacklisted cheating in CAL 17/12/2006
STEAM_0:0:13381650 =PC= =PC=Sephi sephi, [CWD]sephi, -|MOD|-sephi, No   HLCCL; CLANBASE; ED   14/06/2005
STEAM_0:0:13384336   steeyou   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13385258   n@rOt0   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13385644   ???.Zell   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13390805   zman4545   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13390840   B?fen(DK)   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13390855 Mr. Mr. BoBNoB   No   ED   05/04/2008
STEAM_0:0:13392589   nvmfu   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13394469   Ferris   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:133952   Pho   No     19/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:13398635   -   Yes     [BANNED!] black listed for cheating - Aimbot 09/06/2007
STEAM_0:0:13400715   Solar   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13401523   Mystical   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13404929   Maddin   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13408000   Norway   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13408638   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13409456   ?ts//.Toweliee   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1343745 [G!] [G!]myx   No   ED   02/03/2005
STEAM_0:0:1343745 [G!] [G!]myx   No   ED   14/06/2005
STEAM_0:0:13441769   z.z   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13442039   |Cyb3RPunK|   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13445813   =TSO=GrimReaper   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13448382   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13457784   |>SPT<|B?n?nosound   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13462867   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13470737   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13484463   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1348454 [TAG] [TAG]Gsteiger Gsteiger No   HLCCL; CLANBASE detected having: ctrlpan.dll (Spyware?) 24/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:1349483 #s2k.hl #s2k.hl | OuTag leet, newmouse, OuTag Yes,   [BANNED!] black-listed for: cheating 03/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:13502876   Dumas   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13506972   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13513873   -M4!4L!IN0.   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13516479   CHARLie   Yes     [BANNED!] blacklisted cheating - Wall Hack + Aimbot 13/02/2007
STEAM_0:0:13518848   Mr.RuS????   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13524839   **ion**Clan][ownage][   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13528591   Xero   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1353347   3DiDoU   No     13/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:13533939   St3eviixX[K!K0]   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13536807   Mr?riminal   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1354042 Asperity silly   No       29.04.2011
STEAM_0:0:13543147   ???   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13543642 defenders! defenders! kruM kruM No   CAL   04/04/08
STEAM_0:0:1354824 -]Fi[- -]Fi[-IronMan   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:1354918   PilgriM Nazareth No     05/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:13551000   Taz   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1356580   cr???.t?????|shroom   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13571825   <<<((ZE@LOT))>>>   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13572320   basic   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13578888   Sie nannten ihn Lucker   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1359266 kArnage kArnage | Zeus. PCF*|Zeus, Zeus, -|MOD|-Zeus- No   ED   29/09/2005
STEAM_0:0:13613813   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13614263   [cNc]?nOw?uNnY   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13619521   sa   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13620433   Tot?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13621507   elvis   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1362395   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13629867   slayercc   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13639260   stephensparks04   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1364161 [myg0t] [myg0t]Cybernetik   No       22/05/2005
STEAM_0:0:13657570   Al3x67sang   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13670782   M_O_D   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13672583   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13679055   .::PhO::.T?RKIYE|TESTING|   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13679225   Bamandsleep   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13685884   Silverskin   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13685   blablub Tboas No     11/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:1369474   Nappo   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13696280   ???n?????DeLuxE   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:137313 [celt] [celt]ChuckY^ ChuckY^ No   ED   11/02/2006
STEAM_0:0:13731822   [L&G]fs???   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13732896   4ff3@skilLrausch@jumpstyle^^   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:137499 [*mup*] [*mup*]Ken Ken No   HLCCL; CLANBASE   22/01/2005
STEAM_0:0:13756787   ?77aLl$tAr?Slatsher   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13761585   ?|RIPperS|???????LL?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13762530   ZaMb3Ch   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:137647 -StreetFighter- -StreetFighter-c@mmy- Seth, sm-arT., ']['est, ']['Az, c@mmy@mp3, c@mmy, Seth@mp3s, [2HARD4U]-Seth No HLCCL; CLANBASE   01/04/2005
STEAM_0:0:13765391   Gorrila   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1376590 -|XV|- -|XV|-dEAdpOOl ReM[z], Tnks, pure*lag, [LAG]BodyOfMic, concept, GoTenks, Ploting, player, ghostly sightings No HLCCL; CLANBASE   08/09/2004
STEAM_0:0:13767675 mada nidaime   No   ED; SGL   13/02/2010
STEAM_0:0:13773591   [nC]   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:137783 -|MOD|- -|MOD|-foolio MINISTRY.foolio, fm! sapphire * foolio No   CAL; ED   24/03/09
STEAM_0:0:13789011   Woohoo   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1379289 [CWD] [CWD]kaniz   No   HLCCL; CLANBASE   03/08/2004
STEAM_0:0:13799022   ?ede   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:138092   Slane®   No     19/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:13809793   MBK|5GegenWilli   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13812309   Pr0Chris   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13818385   [DAS]wEIhnachtsH?schen   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13819613 p1 p1 retr0 retr0 No   ED   04/04/08
STEAM_0:0:13836077   <<<[V][i][Rus]>>>   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1384037 SoD -[SoD|ion]- ion, sportsligt TW :) No HLCCL; CLANBASE   27/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:13855066   privaTe   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13856451   Pino-Hs   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1387995 -|MOD|- NEXXUS Fisher   No       30.04.2011
STEAM_0:0:1388809 [ssm] [ssm]Cubix   Yes 212:68:250:144 CLANBASE [BANNED!] black-listed for: opengl32.dll 10/09/2004
STEAM_0:0:13892570   |?tit??elge?I(Tiesto)   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1389715 SC.Blue SC.Blue | UrbsAquensis   No       17/08/2005
STEAM_0:0:1389715   Skill? ja[ ] nein[x]   No       01/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:13915198   C?L.L??????.e?e   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13933123   Grey Dog   Yes     [BANNED!] blacklisted cheating - Anti-recoil 13/02/2007
STEAM_0:0:13947774   killerQc   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13951918   ???e?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1396778 [BANE] [BANE] 2nafish 2naFish, 2naFish -[B] [N]-, Shephard, 2NAFISH No   detected having clientcom.dll (Spyware?) 08/09/2004
STEAM_0:0:13972130   Maggie   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:13973097   Hejmor   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:13974917   .:CC:.???Doo|\/|st???R   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:139792   sesam   No     20/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:1398785   K3NnY   No     10/08/2004
STEAM_0:0:13995021   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:14005079   Ownd   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:14006249   unnamed   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1401008   -=La Boule=-Wawa!!!   No     05/11/2004
STEAM_0:0:1403068   ang   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1403254   DeTh)Keijo   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:14034356   natedog451   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:14044746   R??|?id????   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1405009 -|LoM|- -|LoM|-hella-fast   No   POT   29/07/2004
STEAM_0:0:14050622   ?Dy?ko`z?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:14061554   kikoulol// - - No       31/12/09
STEAM_0:0:14061587   OCN\Dawlish7   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1406210   c-prompt-gC   Yes   [BANNED!] black-listed for cheating in CAL league 13/04/2005
STEAM_0:0:14073633   *??*T?TsUo   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:14084512   FausT666   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:1410306   MaGic   No     03/08/2004
STEAM_0:0:14121396   |Mafia[tr]   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:14140171   strong3r-[fr]   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:1414283 eyeG eyeG | trumaN trumaN No   CAL   16/03/08
STEAM_0:0:14143027   907   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007
STEAM_0:0:14157283   EuropMark   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:14160572   sjorgensonmt   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:14169652   cornholio   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2008
STEAM_0:0:14170706   bleep.?   Yes     [BANNED!] VAC BAN 2007

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