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Half-Life Alias
An alias is a string of console commands put together to form one main function. For example rather than pressing 2 keys 'duck' & 'jump' to perform a longjump you can write an alias to do this all for you in one simple press of a key. Below are well known & used alias codes by top HL players to use them yourself simply copy and paste the alias into your autoexec.cfg or into your own custom .cfg file and activate it through your autoexec.cfg. Then all you are required to do is to bind a key to the alias eg: bind <key> "<alias_name>" into your config.cfg that's it.

Gauss Jumps
By holdding and releasing one key you will perform what is known as a 'gauss jump'. Can I take this time to say, this script is really for first time players and newbies. This script will not help you against the better players to beat them you will need to master gauss jumping manually to allow you far more freedom and ability when performing such a move.
For those who have no idea what a gauss jump is let me explain. The Gauss jump is whereby a player using the Half-Life weapon 'known as the Guass Gun' with a full charge aim by holding the secondary fire button down for a few seconds and then aims towards the ground about 35 degrees and then release the shot. The force of the shot will then throw the player into the air allowing you to get on top high level areas of the map or fly through the air at high speed..

Long Jump
This script is used by 90% of all top Half-Life players. What it does is takes out the effort required to long jump in Half-Life making you a much faster player. Again full credit to those players who do manual long jumps but in the eyes of most players the long jump script is not seen as a cheat but yet an improvement to the current game controls. Rather than using duck & jump keys together to perform a long jump this script does all that for you all in one simple key press. Note that backwards long jumping was a side effect produced by the script and therefore impossible to do under normal Half-Life. Many top players see the backwards long jump as a lame script and under the AG patch is now blocked but can still be used in standard valve DM servers.

The pitch script is required in some of the scripts listed here such as gauss jumps & quick attacks scripts. So it's recommended that you copy them into your autoexec.cfg or custom .cfg file. Pitch aliases perform fast looking angles in record time allowing you to pull out super fast aliase moves. They also tell the HL console where to position your view. Really they assistant other scripts/aliases on their own they are petty useless.

The wait script performs a function required in many scripts to work correctly. some scripts/aliases require waiting gabs between strings of commands this is where the 'wait' script comes in.

This script is for fast weapon changes as well as other extras like auto-reload which can cause you more problems and you may find you need to disable it.

Weapon Cycle
Very useful script that allows you to rotate through your weapons quicker. Remember to replace the <key> with your key of choice.

This script was developed for AG players to pull out what is known as the 'finisher' move. Firing an RPG rocket followed quickly by an 9mmAR grenade (known as a spam). So quick that both should hit the target at the same time for max damage. However this script soon became history when pro players showed that they could perform the move as quick & with more control manually than any script. Script requires the weapon scripts above to work.

Xbow Quick Kill
This script borders on 'lame' it removes the need to zoom or scope for a cross bow kill. Under the normal game un-scoped shots wont kill on a direct hit with this script you can fire an un-scoped killer shot & by holding the attack button down fire repeated un-scoped shots. The script does have a few bugs and was developed back in 2001 so things have moved on.

These are used throughout the scripts above to reset the values during running a script.

Bunny Hopping
This script gives you the correct jump type to perform a 'bunny hop' Bunny hopping only works in AG and does not work in Valve DM. Bunny hopping is where you can hop around maps bit like a bunny at super fast speed. The top players can bunny hop around large maps faster than any long jump. Although this script/alias gives you the bunny hop jump you still require skill to perform the move.

Demo Recording
When recording demos to prevent over copying the same demo file here is a script that will write to different file names in one demo record button.

Jump Switcher
This is a script I knocked up for mainly for myself as I wanted a single button to perform both long jumping & bunny hopping and many players have tried this have asked me how do I play with this enabled, still I love it. By the use of the jump-switch script you can change from a long jump to a bunny hop etc. This script does require both Long Jump & Bunny Hop scripts running in your config for it to work. The key this script is bound to will allow you to toggle between either bunny hopping or jump jumping modes. Just replace the <switch-key> & the <jump-key> to the keyboard or mouse key you wish to assign.

Quick Gauss & 9mmAR Combo
This is another script I knocked up for a quick Gauss & 9mmAR combo attack. Works super in arena mode in AG. Guass into the air quick switch to 9mmAR to spam the other player & then back to Gauss to repeat the attack or to escape. It uses MOUSE1 for the combo & MOUSE2 free to Gauss charge & spam attack from the 9mmAR. To use it charge the Gauss with MOUSE2 release & when in the air hit MOUSE1 now the 9mmAR is selected use MOUSE2 to fire a spam grenade & hit MOUSE1 to return back to Gauss.


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