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The Project
The project I set myself was to take the classic CS1.6 sniper map of "awp_city" and bring it into the same level of standards of that used in other source maps.

When I started the plan was not to go too in depth, yet at the same time not just covert the map to source but also to upgrade the map and not to lose that classic feel & play to the map. The map would require a complete new 'skybox' as well as all new settings as many of the existing settings were not supported in source. I chose to add some extra features to the map such as loads more detail as well as more lighting effects & extra buildings & items to hide behind & between. The classic awp_city map has always been a bit of a one-sided map. Easy for CT's (Counter Terrorists) yet harder for the T's (Terrorist) team. This I had to put right and now many say it's the other way around yet I think it's 50/50 either side has greater position to win.

Before & After
Below are just a few in game screen shots of the 2 maps, a before (awp_city) & after (awp_prohl_yard).

You can see I've taken the map from daytime to early morning to give that cold & evil feeling to the map, in some cases this has made aiming harder but hey it does map the map more interesting to play. You can also see the improvement in graphics from the source version (bottom) and the old standard game (top).

Again you can see from this screen shot I have added more lighting to the map & detail such as the lamp posts & cables etc.

Here I've used some of the extra features in source like the decals.

Here I've added detail such as trees & custom made steel beams to add extra depth to the map.

From this anle you can see I've completely rebuild the building to the left adding a whole new floor as before players only had access to the ground floor.

In the old awp_city map access to the roof area was limited here I've not only opened it up for playing but also you can see on the 2nd roof I've added a complete new floor & room.

From the old to the new the detail on the walls & windows has been greatly improved.

Bugs & Tips
Source does have some problems such as spawning ammo... This leaves the player wth 10 shots only on the AWP. To gain full 10 rounds of ammo the player must drop the AWP at the end of every round or face carrying on with the last round's ammo.

When beta testng the map I did add some buy zones before removing them... Well I did miss one and it's become a big of an elite cheat to some. knowing where the buy zone is has become a kind of art. Just incase you were wondering it's located at the T side by the metal fence on the grass area.

To trigger the background sound due to a bug n the game I've had to map it to an invisible button placed under one of the CT spawn points. This do has become a bit of a sneaky cheat... By hearing the sound of wind playing you know one of the players has walked or spawned on the invisible button. Knowing the location of this button making locating this player easy. Again the location is at the CT corner building on the ground floor infront of the ladder.

There's also a bug with the steel bar windows on the T house, they reflect most of the damage from shoots in & out more so for out going shoots. Good idea is not to be inside this building as your chances for killing are ver low & odds for being killed very high.

Download Map
Size: 1.3MB


TEAM PRO-HL | S@NDM@N 750 | Treb 816 | rosso 732 | Delta 789 | Sy- 39 | dp 513 | CH|EF 0

-|MOD|- Eddie 64
-|MOD|- ash :D 252
-|MOD|- Rhaz 75
-|MOD|- [R]4WRCH1CK3N 596
-|MOD|- Crowth  
-|MOD|- Jamesta 128
-|MOD|- Metta 630

-|MOD|- Davis 197
-|MOD|- nS 197
-|MOD|- ToByB  
-|MOD|- Syphon 277
-|MOD|- Lut  

-|MOD|- DreS 139
-|MOD|- SlaYeR  
-|MOD|- Dan' 178
-|MOD|- LT^ 135
-|MOD|- Gumpster 48
-|MOD|- Krabzzz  

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