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In this column I take a brief overview of the classic revamped classic map de_nuke for Counter-Strike Global Offensive.


Nuke basic attack routes
First thing to remember was the classic de_nuke map for both CS1.6 & for CS:S featured 3 main attack routes, outside, A site & the B site ramp. Now each of these attacks contained a number of attack paths as follows. Outside players could split and attack either the main entrance to A bomb site, move to ladder room or enter the basement level via the back stairs. A site attack left players with 2 options, the door or through the hut and finally the B ramp as a standalone path.

So what's changed?
Well, in CS:GO nuke is one of those maps that has seen a number of key changes to the layout which overall have lead to a change in the why nuke is played in general terms.

Rear stairs access removed.

Sure the key positions haven't change that much but with the rear stairs leading from outside to the basement level no longer part of the map does have an impact on how teams not only defend but also how teams plan their attack.

For example as a counter terrorist team you could ask yourself why hold outside at all? After all any terrorist players who takes control of the outside area still needs to enter either one of three possible points that could be far better held without the risk of being picked off as you would if you were to hold outside; i.e. by holding the ladder room, ramp area or main to the A bomb site.

Same goes for the terrorist team... Without the option of a rear stairs attack resulting in a bomb plant at the lower B site team pushes and tactics can now be focus towards the other remaining attack routes further strengthening any terrorist push.

Other key changes are around the lower B bomb site, where you no longer have the back of vents area and from Counter-Strike Source the "toxic doors" which are all gone from CS:GO revamped version.

Back vent grill has been removed.

"Toxic" double doors to the right have been removed.

You'll so find that the so called "vent dive" tactic whereby a terrorist player with the bomb rushes through the door from the lobby into the A bomb site, shooting the vent grill and diving into the vents to plant the bomb in the lower B site has become somewhat difficult in CS:GO as although the door works correctly and players don't find themselves getting stuck on it the fact that you now require to crouch to get into the ventilation system unlike before in Counter-Strike Source adds extra time and reduced speed to the tactic. The end result being a good likelihood you'll be shot up by the holding team before you even make it inside the vent.

Other changes to note?
The door between the terrorist lobby and the counter-terrorist held A bomb site has been tweaked so that the door now doesn't automatically shut after a period of time yet now stays open unless closed by a player which is a nice improvement over the Counter-Strike Source version of de_nuke. The door can now also be shot apart by players resulting in an open being formed to which players can spot and attack through.

A great spot to position a team AWPer who can scope with cover towards the main entrance to A bomb site also allows terrorist players more of chance to pick those hard to get to counter-terrorists sitting up on the ceiling beams.

Another added feature is the extra cover that is provided in the way of two large toxic containers located in the centre of the A bomb site. These can act in the favour of both counter-terrorist & terrorist teams, allow the terrorist players a means of entering the bomb site quick and fast with some level of cover from gun fire. As for the counter-terrorist team this provides well need protection when overpowered in a static position buying vital seconds in order to change position or reload.

The toxic containers also make for a useful camping position in which a player can sit on top in order to change up holding positions on the hut entrance.

Outside towards the counter-terrorist spawn you will see a new raised area complete with handrail which makes for a nice camp position if you have an AWP sniper rifle. You have great cover, good means of escape if require and perfect line of sight down to that red container unit in the distance a well known sniper target area a position terrorist players use all too much making for easy kills.

The doors from the lower B bomb site leading to the control room window no longer have glass vision panels which make for a new camping spot for both teams to take advantage of. This has already been adopted by many players as a position to hold the bomb once planted. using sound and await the counter-terrorist defuse before popping out and cleaning up.

Counter-Terrorist Holding Positions
Although you have a number of options such as placing a player outside around the garage area to pick off terrorist players who decide to push outside this tactic can be risky and now that there is no real need to control outside a spotter playing it safe is all that I feel is required. Some teams in the professional scene like to opt for what is known as a "stack" where you play the odds and pick a bomb site and stack all 5 counter terrorist players on the one site hoping that the terrorist team opt to attack that bomb site. It again can be risky and at the same time can if executed well with lady luck on your side pay off, but on general I prefer to play it safe & tight adopting what most teams would call a classic counter terrorist set-up.

If you manage to bring together the right type of players with the right mix of weapons skills and playing styles this set-up is very hard to beat.

Player 1 as shown above needs to be hot on the AWP sniper rifle and have the reactions to match. With this he/she should have all the advantages on their side over the terrorist team to lock this position down calling upon player 4 for support if required. Player 4 armed with flash bangs etc is key to slow down and hold off any terrorist rush against the ramp room and allow player 1 to fall back or reload.

Player 3 & 2 both armed with m4A1 assault rifles need to work as a unit, each covering their indentified points. It's also vital player 3 covers player 2 until he/she is in position. it's also vital player 2 uses his/her sound to locate terrorist players in the lobby and outside to alert the team of possible attacks.

Finally player 5 is to spot outside, taking advantage of easy picks without leaving the safety of the ladder room. He/she will be the greatest risk to the team in terms of being picked off by a terrorist attack and thus must play smart, defensive play without resulting in hiding with fear. A strong sniper player may even take full control of the outside area from this position, changing it up from round to round to keep the other team guessing.

Rotating once a position has fallen should only be undertaken if the communication is given from team members. When the call for back-up is given team mates need to coordinate their rotate positions and not all end up retaking a bomb site from the same single position! Remember it's more difficult to counter cross fire than it is if all the attack is coming from a single direction.


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