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Adult movie star Asia Carrera & Unreal Tournament gamer

et into the mind of a female gamer. Recently, we had the chance here at to do just that, with none other than adult film star and hardcore gamer Asia Carrera! Yes you heard us correct, Asia Carrera plays computer games! She's a huge Unreal Tournament fan, not to mention she loves games in general. She's even been known to host a few small LANParties at her house for her friends. If you want to know more about Asia and her life with computer games and LANParties, read the interview below :)

First off, what every gamer wants to know. How did you get involved in gaming and computers?
Ok, i got started in computers back when i used to play nintendo and sega RPG's. i was waiting for final fantasy 7, got tired of waiting, and got a computer instead. never played a console again. (cont.) I always deleted the 'games' folder right off my computer. never played any games until my boyfriend asked me to help him set up unreal tournament for him and a pal to play. i started playing with them, and i liked the interactiveness of it. i was hooked!

Ok, How can we get more girls involved in gaming? What do you think would help attract more females to the "sport"?
Iummmm you got me there. i've always been a tomboy, and i like kicking butt (virtually, anyway), so i like fragging a lot more than most girls would. Maybe they should make a 'barbie goes ballistic' game to attract chicks LOL

haha that would be perfect.
PMS-ing barbie dressed like rambo ROFL

In your opinion whats the #1 reason females play games? Or whats the #1 reason you play games?
I think females feel a bit more pressure to be a better player, to fight the stereotypes. so they overcompensate by getting very good, and i think you'll find that the female 'regs' are ranked right up there with the better players most of the time

What's it like to be a female gamer, considering most of the gamers out there are males?
most of the gamers out there are males? I think females feel a bit more pressure to be a better player, to fight the stereotypes. so they overcompensate by getting very good, and i think you'll find that the female 'regs' are ranked right up there with the better players most of the time

How do most of the males in the gaming community treat you when they find out who you are, and what you are (female)?
The guys think it's cool. if they gotta get fragged, why not by a busty topless babe? LOL! But there's always an annoying few who try to start chatting with me during a game, and i HATE that. i'm there to unwind, not to chat. and it's annoying to the rest of the room too. so don't do it! :D

How many LANParties do you have in a year would you say? Also when was the last time you had a LANParty?
ummmm lan parties. i haven't had one in a while, not since my boyfriend moved back to england last november. (he's a UT addict too) we used to host LAN parties together. but i'm too shy to do it on my own.

I would make botskins for all my pals, so everyone could have their own skins to play with when they came over. One time i played a prank and made all the guys' botskins nude without telling them. they FREAKED when the game started and they were all naked! ROFL. I've always wanted to go to a big LAN party, but it's a little scary too, 'cause i know all eyes will be on me, and i can't play worth a crap when i know people are watching

Have you seen the new UT2k3 screenshots? What do you think of it?
Screenshots? i've seen a few. but they're not as impressive as the actual game, which i have here on cd. now THAT'S impressive! LOL!! artistically/graphically the game looks much improved, but technically, well... let's just say they've taken away a lot of my favorite tricks, the stinkers!! LOL! The UT guys are great. they've gone out of their way to be my pal, always sending me free stuff and promos. good guys.

wish ppl would send me free stuff
Well it's probably better p.r. for them when i walk around half naked wearing nothing but my UT leather jacket, than if you did the same...

Do you use any special tactics at your LANParties to win? Like flashing your opponents real quick? hehe :)
win? Like flashing your opponents real quick? hehe :) flashing doesn't work at LAN parties - all my pals are immune to my old tricks LOL

Does anybody else in your industry come to your LANParties? If not, do any of them know you are a gamer, and how do they feel about that?
Mostly just guys on the movie crew. male star john decker plays at my house sometimes. and i hear steve hatcher and jonathan morgan play games too, but no female stars AFAIK. Our industry is sadly computer illiterate. EVERYONE comes to me with their computer problems. i finally bought a t-shirt that says "no, i will not fix your computer!"

I'd be glad to teach a class full of 20 hot chicks how to get email ;) hahaha
Dude you have no idea what a can of worms you're opening. i'm constantly taking people to fry's to help them buy computers, or doing upgrades on set, or tweaks on location - i should start a side business and charge for it, i swear. Maybe they only ask me 'cause i do upgrades naked, and they like seeing me bent over their hard drive like that LOL - even if i wind up killing their computer! (which knock on wood has never happened) I have dreams about being locked in fry's after hours LOL! I wanna have my next wedding at fry's!

Are we invited?
Only if you dress up as a gaming character.

Ok i'll be there as gordan from halflife. What do you think about the way females are portrayed in games these days? Example: Lara Croft.
When i die, i wanna come back as lara croft - does that answer your question? LOL! lol I have a character too - tony hawk's skate pro game. officer dick turns into secret character private carrera, with moves like the 'ho ho ho' and 'viagra falls'

haha thats awesome
Yeah, they denied it was me at first - said the designer liked porsche carreras, until i told them i thought it was cool and i wanted to come by and say hi. then they were all gung-ho about it!

do you have the lara croft outfit?
i want to play lara croft in a porno movie - that would be a blast! And yeah, i'd wear the outfit around the house!

So what do you think the best first person shooter game out there is right now?
UT! UT! UT! i'm a UT addict, nothing else.

Ok last question from me. A friend wanted me to ask.
(a friend whose name is also wolfy, coincidentally...)

Would you come to a UT2K3 tournament LAN in colorado? lol ;)
Colorado? honestly, probably not. but anywhere around LA, even to San Francisco or San Diego, that i could do. i'd wanna drive, so i could bring all my toys with me, natch

Ok. I know you're an UT addict.. but do you play any other games from time to time?
Not really. I've had fans send me every game under the sun, but sadly, i know have enough free time to get into them all, so many are still in the cellophane. when i get home after a long day i just wanna crash out with UT a frag mindlessly, y'know?

Are you planning on playing UT2K3 as much as you play UT right now? And what about Unreal Championship ? Planning on playing that one?
I'm not sure. we'll have to see, i guess. i love UT the way it is, and i like the servers i play on, the people i play with, and i have the whole game ingrained in my subconscious. it's gonna be weird getting used to a new version, i gotta admit.

Once again asia, thank you for your time.
no problem, have a good night.


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