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Good afternoon Andy, can you introduce yourself to our readers...
My name is Andrew Truman, I go by the name of "TrumanZi" while playing source and have been playing source since about 7 days after it came out. I started playing Counter-Strike from 1.3 and I've been in a few small 1.6 clans such as bGz and -=rmf=-. In source I was in team ViP who made it to the top10 in ED (as far as I'm aware) and now I play for #p0w, after quitting ViP a year ago I decided to started to look for a source clan as 1.6 began to bore me and p0w snapped me up.

How are you finding life over in team p0w? Are they a good team to play for?
I love p0w, we work very well together as a team, we all seem to communicate fairly well.

Good stuff, good communicate helps. What made you or your team sign-up to this new Counter-Strike Source league hosted at
It seemed to be the league to join, new & all. p0w are not large fans of CAL, so we decided on Pro-HL, it's the best league we have played in so far, we all love the live admin feature.

How did you or your team heard about this event? Not Thunder 's spam was it?
HeeHee I'm not entirely sure I can answer that question Mark, as I joined p0w 3 days after we signed up.

After being accepted to take part and seeing the tables for the first time did you think your team would do this well or did you think your team would have done better?
We were a bit nervous after our initial game against ZROM, we kind of got whitewashed on dust2, but considering it was our first game playing as a team (i had only been in p0w 4 days at this point) we were not aware that dust2 is one of our weakest maps but we picked it up and now we top division 3 and are very happy with ourselves.

During this league what has been the biggest issues for you & your team?
Probably learning the map contra, I'm embarrassed to say this but before last Tuesday I had never played contra, looking forward to the match later today against nXo. This has to have been our biggest issue but I'm fairly confident now and I hope we can win Division 3 for the team. We will need work on the communication, when we first played we were a bit weak on the communication front but now we have all learnt the map so that 90% of the calls comes naturally it's nice to be prepared.

A lot of teams have folded during the season, what do you think makes a winning combination and has kept your team alive this long?
Don't let things get to you, sure you may be having a bad day, trust me I have several in a week. Just relax take your time and kick their ass at a later date, you'll last a lot longer as a team that way.

Does your team allocate time for pre-match training sessions or do you just turn up & play?
We train within the week before the match, but on match day we usually just keep it simple, play a few publics to warm up for the actual game but we don't have allocated training sessions. Most of us are online throughout the week so whenever there is 5, or 4 on we usually play a pcw (private clan war) on the map that we will play on the Sunday. if we don't have enough we get a mix game, usually players we know seems to be working well so far for us.

What map would you say your team plays strong on?
cpl_mill and cbble, those are definatley our strongest maps as you will tell from our Pro-HL results.

How much time do you, yourself put into playing Counter-Strike Source in a week on average?
Well I'm in university and spend a lot of my time doing work, so sadly I can't spend that much time playing the game but on average I spend around 2 hours a day... If I'm not busy with school work or my part-time job.

Do you spend a lot of money on ensuring you have the latest cutting edge hardware?
Not really, both my mouse mats I have stolen from people, I custom built my PC back in January and bought a new widescreen monitor about a month ago, that's about it... I am a pretty cheap guy!

HeeHee, hope you didn't steal them mats from a fellow gamer. Who (if any) has been the biggest drive for you?
What player(s) or teams have you looked up to during your time in Source? "Proph" from ND, Temp.css & DM-Gaming, the guys a maniac!! In the UK probably "Cash" of team Zealous. I used to be in ViP with Cash, he's a very clever player I'm happy for him that he went from ViP into one of the most well known uk clans.

Would you say you're a big follower of Counter-Strike Source news? If so what sites do you visit for your news?
No I wouldn't say I'm a big follower, I know about clans folding & members leaving etc, but that's usually through word of mouth I don't visit any sites to be honest only things people pass onto me.

Back to the league... What has been the best match for you in this season of the Pro-HL league & why?
Hmm, the [mint] match on cpl_mill which we won 27-3 was one of the best games I have ever played.

On average how well do you think the servers have performed?
The first server used against ZROM I'm sad to say was below par there was no reg and it was a bit laggy, but it was the first game of a new league so there was bound to be bugs but ever since then the servers have been perfect condition and the reg has been wonderful. I'm looking forward to the 8 new 100tick servers I have heard about for next season.

Yes should be lot better for all. Has the use of an in-game admin been a bonus? Giving your team less to think about and more time to play the game?
The in-game admin has probably been the best part of Pro-HL you never have to worry about setting up the server etc and if theres a dodgy shot or play they probably saw! No dodgy rates, nobody messing with gravity and banning us from the server because "we WH, GTFO" (this has happened on several occasions) and you know STEAM ID's are correct.

What are your views on league maps? Do you think sticking to the standard de_maps is the best idea or would you as a player like to see a few new custom maps thrown in like de_losttemple etc?
I haven't played losttemple? Like I said, I've only started playing contra a week or so ago. I would like to keep it at general league maps all the standard DE maps no tides no compound and keep cpl_mill in the main list & maybe get maps like prodigy & cpl_fire in there too.

What other online leagues & tournaments does your team take part in and how does this league impact on those?
Enemy Down, thats pretty much it, we are a bit concerned about later today, as we have an ED Train cup game the same time as our nXo game but we will work it out its also useful to practice with ED games ready for the Pro-HL game on the Sunday we have been playing some contra games on ED this week ready for today.
How have you found the site? Has it been easy to navigate and find information easy or has it been a nightmare?
It was a nightmare hehe, when there wasn't any links to anything etc but about 2 weeks into the league it was all sorted came up and everything is fine now easy to navigate looks cool, good web site to be a part of.

What would you like to seen added or changed for next season?
I would like to see prodigy in the maplist, along with fire and hopefully clans won't fold in season2 would like to not have as many defaults this time around as defaults mess up the ratings in division 3 for example we have had 1 default the closest 2 teams have had 2 defaults!

True, it has been a big problem which we plan to sort out for season 2 with a system in place to allow waiting teams to join & replace folding teams a lot quicker. How do you find this league compares to other leagues such as CAL, ED, CCSSL & TheSGL in both set-up & management?
CAL, I'm not a fan of, although I have only played 3 games in it so I would like to give it another chance. ED is a ladder, play enough games and you will get to the top easily, CCSSL I have never tried & TheSGL I have never tried either. With CAL the setup is good matches on monday etc but it just isn't fun to play in... Dodgy servers hosted by the home team etc!!

Yup I agree
...and with ED whoever seems to get to an ED Admin first with a dispute seems to win the argument we lost a game against visioN on contra because of that.

That sounds bad...
We use ED for practices anyway, Pro-HL is our main league.

What do you think of the Counter-Strike Source scene at the moment? Do you think it's on the up or do you feel it's declining?
Well, when source gets back into CPL it will be going back up again, but currently it is declining. I have grown used to the new radar so i have no problems with that any more, but Valve are planning on changing the pistols soon so that will rip apart every pistol tactic known to man!!

I know Valve always manage to mess around with the parts of the game that don't require any change
Yeah, Advertising in-game for example very, EA-esque

Will we see you & your team next season? Hell yeah!!! We'll Pro-HL wishes you & your team all the best for next year, any last words or shout outs
Shout outs to my clan, any ex-ViP members like Cash, etc, Proph, even though he probably won't ever read this and to my mummy :D hehe... Always wanted to do that, oh and to mint and 5a too.


TEAM PRO-HL | S@NDM@N 750 | Treb 816 | rosso 732 | Delta 789 | Sy- 39 | dp 513 | CH|EF 0

-|MOD|- Eddie 64
-|MOD|- ash :D 252
-|MOD|- Rhaz 75
-|MOD|- [R]4WRCH1CK3N 596
-|MOD|- Crowth  
-|MOD|- Jamesta 128
-|MOD|- Metta 630

-|MOD|- Davis 197
-|MOD|- nS 197
-|MOD|- ToByB  
-|MOD|- Syphon 277
-|MOD|- Lut  

-|MOD|- DreS 139
-|MOD|- SlaYeR  
-|MOD|- Dan' 178
-|MOD|- LT^ 135
-|MOD|- Gumpster 48
-|MOD|- Krabzzz  

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