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MOD (Ministry Of Darkness) online gaming team was formed back in 1999 by two fellow gamers Mark "S@NDM@N" Woodhouse & David "GenMonkey" Fisher. The team has been playing in online tournaments & leagues for over 13 years. Starting off life in the first person shooter "Half-Life" and the gaming mod "Opposing Force" before moving into Half-Life Deathmatch & the hardcore world of "AG" (Adrenaline Gamer) another mod for Half-Life developed by a group a extreme gamers. After 3 and a half years of taking part in Europe's bigger online gaming leagues for Half-Life "The HLCCL" the team called time on Half-Life & AG finishing up the 2003 season with 2 European, 1 USA team and 1 Canadian team to start over and ventured into the gaming scene that is "Counter-Strike", by which time Counter-Strike:Source had just been released.

The team quickly became a house hold name in Counter-Strike:Source within the UK scene and despite it's 'old skool' players being mostly ex-Half-Life DeathMatch fraggers they all soon got to grips with the slower and more tactical game style of Counter-Strike. Team MOD slowly moved up just within the top 10 teams in the UK attending i30, i31, i33, i34, i35, i36, i37, i38, i39, i40, i41, i42, i43 & i44 multiplay gaming LAN's. Although reliability in fielding a reliable 5 man team for events has always prevented the team in making a big impact against teams such as "Dignitas", "4Kings" & "Reason-Gaming" MOD has been able to compete and win against teams such as "CoolerMasters" & "FragMasters" over the years.

We have also had teams go to epic.FIVE & epic.SIX UK LAN events. MOD also had an Icelandic team who won two Gamer.LAN events in Iceland as well, bringing home glory. With the release of Counter-Strike Global Offensive MOD is still going strong and currently has 3 semi-active teams playing in the UK & Europe which can be found below:

Team Ministry MINISTRY

MINISTRY is the oldest of our teams, it was the original MOD line up formed by Sandz in 2004, before changing in 2007 to the name "MINISTRY" under the leadership of Thunder. They wanted to set themselves apart and have a cool name, with the tag line of "the boyz from the Ministry". MINISTRY is now currently led by Matthew "Holl1s" Hollis and the team is looking to compete at various lans across 2012.

Team Extreme EXTREME

eXtreme is one the longest running and most stable teams within the community. It was formed in February 2007 and whilst has chopped and changed line ups, it has a record of never folding, and always working through the issues around the team. The team is currently led by Ciaron "LT" Morrisey and he and the boys are looking to get competitive again within 2012.

Team Storm STORM

Coming Soon....


"Well played guys, top game as usual. much fun 10/10"
- CK | Silver

"Good game, top clan, nice guys. Rematch anytime, lovely to play them. Highly recomended, play them!"

"Good game guys, could have gone either way. Well played - we are up for a rematch anytime. 10/10"
- immiX | Coto

"Our Arch Nemisis'..... wp guys, see you next game"
- NA.Bub

"Good game very well played guys.way out of our league"
- *I.P.H*BoReDsIlLy

"Great game, great clan and super players. Would recommend them to anyone and look forward to a rematch. Much love guys 10/10" - rD! - Gho5t

"Very good game lads, nice awp skills. 10/10 RECOMENDED!"
- [eXs] Spaz

"Good game guys, no complaints 10/10 recommended, good lads"
- J-Unit | Overdose

" Good game guys, i watched on SourceTV, awesome team play, keep it up guys! 10/10"
- +/- amos^

" Great game, no problems and very nice awping! All the best"
- g0 - b1znatch

" These guys are awesome they are so awesome they make me wanna get stoned 2nite after beating us so bad hehe totally recomended"
- ™Demo - Flames

"-|MOD|- are a great clan very professional and fun. 10/10 and some very nice tactics."
Crazy | LFB

Good game lads too good for us tbh

TEAM PRO-HL | S@NDM@N 750 | Treb 816 | rosso 732 | Delta 789 | Sy- 39 | dp 513 | CH|EF 0

-|MOD|- Eddie 64
-|MOD|- ash :D 252
-|MOD|- Rhaz 75
-|MOD|- [R]4WRCH1CK3N 596
-|MOD|- Crowth  
-|MOD|- Jamesta 128
-|MOD|- Metta 630

-|MOD|- Davis 197
-|MOD|- nS 197
-|MOD|- ToByB  
-|MOD|- Syphon 277
-|MOD|- Lut  

-|MOD|- DreS 139
-|MOD|- SlaYeR  
-|MOD|- Dan' 178
-|MOD|- LT^ 135
-|MOD|- Gumpster 48
-|MOD|- Krabzzz  

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